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4 steps to follow for an insurance claim process

When a disaster strikes, you are most likely not prepared. Keep this 4 steps in mind!

We never expect bad things to happen, and we definitely wish it never does happen but sometimes it is inevitable.

We, at Jeff Slater Consulting, work hand in hand with people that have been stricken by the loss of their property or damages. We work as your advocate in order to get the fair and much-needed settlement from your insurer in order to get your life back to normal. We are a team of insurance claims specialists with years of expertise in insurance policies and process.

We are going to go through the important steps to follow and how your insurance claims specialist should help you through every step.

1. Reviewing your insurance policies.

It is important to know what kind policies your insurance covers. You can always consult with insurance claims specialists for them to guide you through the policies of your insurance. You should check mainly for the following details:

  • Is your loss/event covered?

  • Can you find any exceptions? - Scenario where your insurance won’t cover.

  • How long do you have to submit your claim?

  • Is there an specific process you should follow for your claim?

2. Starting your insurance claim process

When making a flood or fire insurance claims please keep in mind the following that some documentation will be needed.

  • Videos and pictures of the property and damages.

  • Videos and pictures of the property before the incident.

  • Documents to prove your material possessions.

3. Policy reviewed

Documents will be investigated for your claim. It will be meticulously revised in order to see what is and what is not covered by your insurance.

Having the proper documentation can help you get the fair settlement you are looking for. Insurance claims specialists like Jeff Slater Consulting, are experts on getting the right documentation for you in order to secure your claim. From flood insurance claims to any other, Jeff Slater consulting will help you through the process.

4. Damage evaluation

Your insurer will hire experts to assess the damage done to your property, From inside out, checking pipes, floors, walls, etc. This will help with the investigation process of your claim. It could also determine the amount of your settlement.

5. Settlement

At the end it all comes down to this. After every evidence and documentation is properly reviewed, you will received the amount for your settlement, in order to get your property back to how it was before the incident.

Getting a fair and proper settlement will depend on the whole insurance claim process. We, at Jeff Slater Consulting, always recommend to get an expert in order to make sure you are providing the proper documentation and you have a professional working as your advocate from day 1 in order to get the settlement you need for your recovery.

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