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How will your insurance claim be managed?

If you are in the unfortunate scenario where you have lost your property or have had some damage to your property due to an accident or a natural disaster, the very first thought will be “how am I going to fix all this?” The situation can be stressful and hard to go through. Assessing your situation with an insurance claim specialist can help you clear your situation and learn how exactly to process.

The process itself can be complex, especially if you are not clear on how the process should move forward and the information you will need in order to start with your insurance claim process. Deciding to work your insurance claim with the experts at Jeff Slater Consulting will allow you to worry much less on the process.

  1. From day one, the team of insurance claims specialists Vancouver will work with you in order to gather all the information you need to present your claim. Details about your insurance policies, before and after pictures and videos, etc.

  2. Once details are already gathered and you have the evidence you need to prove your previous situation, your insurer will most likely request an expert opinion of the damage and he/they will inform the average cost to fix the problem and the actual damage.

  3. Presenting your claim with all the documentation you have gathered can be complex. Letting our team of insurance claims experts work this process will help you get through this faster and easier.

Regardless of the amount lost our team of experts at Jeff Slater Consulting will work as your advocate from day one in order to get the fair and proper settlement you need. If you have a flood insurance claim, you can be certain that our team has all the expertise in order to get your property back to normal and present the insurance claim you need.

Whether it is a fire insurance claim or any other, Jeff Slater Consulting is ready and prepare to work with you through the complete process and get you and your loved one the peace of mind you need in this difficult moment. Information and the status of your claim will always be accessible to you.

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