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Insurance claims process overview

Accidents and disasters can happen at any time and it is really a part of life. Most of us, will unfortunately, face this situations at least once. Relying on your insurance policy to recover from the loss of your property or business is usually what it's done in a time like that but, in order to have your property back to normal, you will most likely need to start an insurance claim process

When starting an insurance claim process of any kind, whether it is a fire insurance claim or a home insurance claim, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this process can take some time to resolve. Patience and a good team of insurance claims specialists will help you get through this process with the tranquility you need at the time. 

Gather information and evidence 

When starting an insurance claim, you will need to have the right information in order to present your claim. Starting with the state of the property, asses the damage, gather pictures or videos for you to prove the state of the property, before and after the incident, etc. All this information will be helpful when you try to get the settlement in order to get your property to its original condition.

Report and investigation

Once you present your insurance claim, an investigation will start. The insurance company will asses the damage, the amount lost, the expenses, etc. and with this, they will determine if you are eligible for payment under your insurance policy. Having a team of insurance claim experts can help you make the difference during this process. The team at Jeff Slater Consulting will work with you as your advocate from day one in order to get you the proper settlement you are looking for. 


Once your insurance claim has been presented and evaluated, the insurance company make a decision and determine the sitation of your claim. 

  1. Approving your claim and giving you payment in full;
  2. Approving your claim but only giving partial payment
  3. Denying your claim.
If option one occurs, you will receive the payment full and you will be able to get your property fixed and back to its original state. You might be requested to sign a release in order to state that you will not present another claim under the same set of circumstances for a period of time.

If option 2 occurs, means that a the damage suffered was more than your policy covers or there is a part of your claim that is out of the scope of your policy. They will reimburse you for part of your claim. 

If option 3 occurs and your insurance claim is denied, you have a limited window of time to appeal in order to get this investigated again. This process can take time and it differs with every insurance company. 

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