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Private or public insurance adjuster? 

When dealing with an insurance claim process it cane complex to understand if it would be better for you and the result you are looking for, to hire a public insurance adjuster or to follow with the insurance adjuster your insurance company provides. Keeping in mind certain details about each might help you make the best decision for your particular situation and let an insurance claims specialist work with you along the way.

Understand what it means to have a "private" or "public" adjust can help you get through the insurance claim process with the best. 

  • Company Insurance Adjusters: Work for the insurance company 
  • Private Insurance Adjusters: Hired by the insurance company to consult on a particular case
  • Public Insurance Adjusters: Hired by policyholders to provide an assessment and help with the insurance claim independently from the insurance company
But, why would you hire a public insurance adjuster if your insurance company already provides one? Well, there are many honest and decent insurance adjusters available but their primary obligation is to their employer. 

A public insurance adjuster will work for you as a representative and advocate during your property insurance claim process. Expertise and many years of experience in the field will help you when filing your claim and assessing the damage done to your property. 

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