When disaster hits, you will need an insurance claim specialist to help you get the fair and proper settlement you need. A fire insurance claim specialists will help you from the very start of your insurance claim process. Documentation, evidence, and reports will be needed to assess the volume of the damage and how much can the settlement be. Repairs must be covered by your insurance but, you must be able to properly read your insurance policies in order to see in what scenarios your insurance will cover. Assessing your situation is an important part of the process and insurance claims specialists like Jeff Slater Consulting team will be there for you when you most need it.

  • Helping you from the very start, fire insurance claim specialists from Jeff Slater Consulting have the years of expertise in order to retrieve the documentation you will need. Working as your advocate from day one for your fire insurance claim will allow you to keep your mind focused on your family or loved ones, instead of stressing and overthinking about the insurance claim.


    Insurance claims can often be tedious and complex, especially if you are not familiar with the process and if you don't know the exact policies and situations your insurance covers. Fortunately, Jeff Slater Consulting is available to assess you through this complex process. Getting the settlement you need to recuperate your property is our main goal. Keeping you in touch with every step we take is the way we can guarantee a proper process.

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