• Flood Insurance Claims

    Generally, people never spect to have any issues at home or at their business properties. Insurance is paid off, in any case, to be “prepare” if a problem occurs, but we need to be aware of what our insurance covers as well. Flood insurance claims can be complex and difficult especially in Vancouver. Flood insurance claims in Vancouver have been quite difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the policies of your insurance or the details of the process.


    Insurance claims specialists in Vancouver like the team of Jeff Slater Consulting can guarantee that you get the proper and fair settlement you need for you to repair and recover your property to its original state. Flood insurance claims are about the details of the reason it all happened. This is why we will help you get the evidence and documentation you need from your home in order to get the proper settlement.




    If you are every in this difficult situation, you will need an insurance claims specialist to work with you in every step of the way. Insurers will, most likely, try to lessen the expenses and won’t ever overpay for flood insurance claims - these mean purely expenses. This is why you need a flood insurance specialist to work as your advocate in order to get a fair settlement that allows you to get back to normal. Your loved ones or your business should not suffer the consequences of your flood.



    A few things that we encourage you to do, is to take as many pictures, videos, and documentation as possible. This will help you prove your expenses since day one and evidence is key for every flood insurance claim. Whether it was a leak on your roof, a sewer pipe, plumbing issues, etc. We will help you asses the damage, and discuss every possibility with you personally. Flood insurance claims are much easier if you have the right guidance.

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