• Insurance Claims Experts

    Insurance claims processes can be complex and may change depending on the insurance policy you have. When the policyholder suffers a loss to their property, the best way to start is to evaluate the damage, gather information and know exactly the details and specifications of your insurance policy. This can help you to know whether or not your insurance will cover the damage (or loss) and be able to start your insurance claim process. Insurance claims experts like the team of Jeff Slater Consulting will be there from the very start of the process. Providing the proper assessment and information to the policy holder and working as your advocate in order to get the proper and fair settlement you are looking for is the main goal.


    Knowledge of your policy can help you know your responsibilities and rights when dealing with this type of situations. Whether it is a water damage insurance claim or a fire insurance claim, knowing and understanding the details can help you present an insurance claim that will lead you to the settlement you are looking for. Insurance claims experts like Jeff Slater Consulting have over 20 years of expertise in the field. Knowledge is definitely the key in order to gather helpful information, evidence, pictures, etc.

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